Coworking, Meeting & Makerspaces

Leasing or purchasing a traditional brick and mortar office space can be expensive for a business that’s just getting started, which is why opting instead for a shared coworking space can be a great first workspace for a startup. Coworking spaces offer entrepreneurs the opportunity to engage in the local community and interact with like-minded people. They typically offer a range of services that can include access to the internet and phones, a desk or dedicated work area, office supplies, printers, and client meeting space. Packages frequently range from hourly access to thesed services to monthly and annual memberships.

Similarly, makerspaces use a membership model in providing an environment for hands-on, creative DIY exploration & experimentation. Many include shared tools and equipment – for example 3D printers, industry-specific software, electronics, craft supplies and tools – for their members to use.

Hdere is a list of co-working, meeting amd makerspaces local to Lancaster County.

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