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Definitions for Keywords

Definitions of Terms Used in Keyword Searches of Programs

Unsure what program is best for you or what certain keywords mean? Use these definitions to help inform your searches.

Resource Type Definition
Accounting, Bookkeeping, & Taxes
Business Plan Development
Certifications A document given to a business that guarantees a standard of services or type of ownership - i.e.: woman owned business
Coworking physical spaces rented by access to space, desk, or room
Funding loans, tax credits, grants, and venture capital
Growth Strategies planning for the future
Human Resources hiring, firing, health insurance, retirement planning, etc
Innovation & Technologies anything digital or new as a technology
IT Services Technical support for technology
Legal Services business basic setup to complex legal questions
Licensing, Insurance, Credentials
Market Research data sets used for business planning
Marketing branding to marketing strategy
Networking & Events meetups, events, etc
Product Development everything needed to build/test/launch a new product
Product Testing building new products and testing viability
Social Media & Website digital marketing
Startup Basics all startup needs: business plan to projections and legal formation
Wholesale & Supply Chain wholesale purchasing
Workforce Development employee training and certifications
Resource Delivery Mechanism Definition
Degree Program higher education programming that does offer a credit or degree for completion
In Person Class recurring and in person series of classes
Incubator/Accelerator Intensive multi-week or month program that provides a range of services geared towards starting or expanding a business
Memberships Membership is required to access certain services or trainings
Mentoring Ongoing relationship with specific purpose
Non-Credit Program An educational program that does not offer a credit for completion
One-on-One One on one consulting or technical assistance
Online Class recurring and virtual series of classes only offered only
Toolkits information packet with worksheets and guides
Webinar one time or limited offering (online)
Workshop one time or limited offering (in person)