Loans & Financing Request Form


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If you’re in the hunt for some business financing, you’ll be happy to learn that there are a number of Lancaster organizations that are eager to help make that happen. In an effort to simplify the loan request process for our local startups, we’ve created a single intake form that, once completed, will be automagically distributed to representatives at the Entrepreneurship Coalition member organizations listed below. Upon reviewing your application, the organization that feels it is best suited for your situation & financial need will be in touch. Boom.


    Funding needed for:
    Business Experience
    How long has the business that's requesting funding been in operation?
    Business Ownership
    Choose all that apply. Leave blank if non-applicable.
    Enter "0" if not yet in business
    Intended Use of Funds
    Choose all that apply
    Do you have a business plan?
    Do you have financial projections?
    If different from Business Phone listed above.

    Privacy Statement

    We value your privacy & vow not to share your personal information with any parties beyond those listed above without your explicit consent. This form is meant to be a helpful tool to assist you in navigating your way to a loan or financing. If you are uncomfortable providing the information that’s being requested on this form, please use the links above to find contact information for each participating organization so that you can contact them directly instead.