Cultivate Lancaster #6

Thursday, May 3, 2018 | the Candy Factory


5:00pm – 6:15pm  ||  Registration & Networking

  • Come early – and hungry – to enjoy some grub from local (& entrepreneur-operated) food trucks!
  • Unwind with a drink as you meet & chat with fellow attendees.
  • Peruse The Connection Zone on the 3rd floor to learn about the many local business resource providers that are available.

6:15pm  ||  Welcome & Event Kickoff

6:30pm - 7:45pm  ||  Program (scroll down for floor descriptions)

  • 1st floor » The Networking Lounge
  • 2nd floor » Goldfish Tank @ the TechCelerator
  • 3rd floor » The Connection Zone
  • 6th floor » Fail So Good

7:45pm - 9:00pm  ||  Networking & Departure



Meet the Floors


» 1st floor
» The Networking Lounge

The name says it all – casual conversation, comfortable digs & plenty of opportunity to trade business cards & grow your network.

» 2nd floor
» Goldfish tank @ the TechCelerator

Have an idea or a business you're thinking about? Come pitch it. It can be an idea about tech, food, fun...whatever! Pitch with words, slides, videos to an encouraging group of people and a few nice judges who are more like goldfish than sharks. (The only requirement is that you keep your pitch to a max of 5 minutes.) In turn, you'll receive constructive feedback & tons of encouragement as the judges look at the quality of your pitch & your overall idea. The top 3 pitches will be awarded with some cool prizes, but all who present will walk away with something... It's a time that we can all listen to some cool ideas & get excited about innovation & invention.

We only have spots for up to 7-8 pitches, so if you're interested, we advise you sign up in advance!  Click here to sign up

» 3rd floor
» The Connection Zone

Put faces to the many business resource providers listed on our Resources page as you explore the topics that are important to you & your business. Have a problem but aren't sure who to talk to? Stop by the Resource Concierge Desk for some direction.

» 6th floor
» Fail So Good

For most emerging businesses, failure at some stage is as inevitable as it is invaluable. The Fail So Good session offers a unique opportunity to hear fellow local entrepreneurs & business leaders share their experiences with failure – from recounting why they failed to the lessons they learned as they pivoted & persevered. Or just plain-old started over...  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Want to tell your story?

We're looking for speakers to give short presentations (5 minutes) of what went wrong so that others may avoid the same mistakes & pitfalls. Hey, it could be therapeutic! 


The Fail So Good session is inspired by the international event series F***Up Nights (pardon our condoning the language  🙉). Watch the video below for an idea of our vision for the 6th floor!