Cultivate Lancaster #7

Thursday, January 24, 2019 | the Candy Factory

Each January, we make New Year's Resolutions as a commitment to improve our bodies & minds. This year, the Cultivate Lancaster Entrepreneurs Forum is moving to January in an effort to channel the energy of the New Year, encourage you to make resolutions for your business, & to direct you to the many local resources & support systems that are available to help empower you to achieve your goals!

At Cultivate Lancaster #7, we’ll be taking over The Candy Factory with a multi-floor exhibition of the many business resource providers that serve the Lancaster community. It’s never been this easy to mix & mingle with these organizations, tap them for their expertise in a variety of topics vital to building a business, & get to know the programs/workshops they offer (many of which are FREE)!

Check back soon for a full list of which resource providers will be at Cultivate Lancaster #7. In the meantime, please take a moment to share a few of the resolutions you’re making for your business in 2019!


Share your Resolutions!

So what are you going to tackle in 2019? From finally painting or organizing your home office to committing to being on time to every meeting you schedule to investing in Quickbooks (or hiring an accountant) to meeting regularly with a mentor from SCORE Lancaster-Lebanon, any resolution that helps you move your idea forward or grow your business is a good resolution!

At Cultivate Lancaster #7, we will be highlighting the many New Year’s Resolutions to which local entrepreneurs are committing themselves for 2019. But to do that, we need to hear just what it is you are dedicating your mind & energy to in the new year! Please share a few with us using this form – don’t worry, your submissions will be kept anonymous – so you can see how your goals for 2019 stack up to, overlap with or downright mirror those of your peers!

Business Stage: *
Idea » You’ve got your business idea and you are ready to take action. Startup » You have a business plan in place & are now getting the word out & tweaking along the way. Establishment/Growth » You are fully operating with customers/income, employees (maybe) & competition (probably). Expansion » Business is stable & you are considering the scaling into new markets, offering new products/services, etc. Maturity/Exit » Your business is established & profitable. Perhaps it's time to expand even further, or exit/sell & start the next idea.

Tips for making your business resolutions:

  • Start small » You have the rest of your business’s life to conquer each & every goal on the list. But keep in mind that it’s so very often the small, simple changes that are needed to lay the foundation for major changes and transitions down the road.

  • Look backward, too » Did you make resolutions last year? In addition to patting yourself on the back for the goals you hit, take time to reflect upon which ones didn’t quite work out & try to identify why not. Were they too big / aggressive / premature? Did your business direction shift due to feedback or changes in the market?

  • Make them count(able) » Making quantifiable goals – that is, goals that can be measured – will give you the ability to determine whether or not you were successful. For example, if you’re resolving to be more social within the local business community, consider defining a number of networking events & even a timeframe (“Attend 3 networking events per quarter in 2019”) instead of keeping it open-ended (“Go to more networking events”).

  • Get personal » Don’t forget that your business will perform best when you are at your best. In addition to making business goals, consider how your personal routines, habits & predispositions factor in. Making resolutions like “Go to bed before 10pm” or “Eat a healthy breakfast” are just as important as “Create/update my website” or “Make a new connection every week.”