This is co-modo … a studio work space for developers, designers, and tech entrepreneurs.

co-modo is located in a beautifully renovated tobacco warehouse near Musser Park, in Lancaster’s east side. We work in our 2,000 square foot studio space that is filled with natural light, a quieter, but cool vibe and features a ping pong table. co-modo has everything you need to get work done and to feel comfortable while doing it.

What’s up with invitation only?

Fair question. co-modo is an intentionally designed work space with a limited number of seats. Rather than packing people in, we’re interested in maintaining a great work environment and creating a culture that is reflective of a respectful casual office, not a coffee shop or social club. And, since we’re deliberate about our membership, we’re able to be responsive to member’s individual business and work space needs.


319 East Fulton Street, Suite 100
Lancaster, PA 17602

(717) 392-2760