First National Coworking


Our town, on the banks of the Susquehanna River, once benefitted from the river and the trade it brought to our region. That former wealth is reflected in our historic homes and landmarks. But those days are long gone. Our economy has been been struggling since the decline of manufacturing. Yet you can feel change in the air. With our new river trail, and some risk takers who are investing their labor and money into town, you can feel that things are at the tipping point. First National Coworking is a hub that is part of this renewal. It’s not only a professional place to get work done, it’s also a community of professionals (mainly service providers) and students, who can exchange information, experiences, resources, and encouragement. Or, for the introvert, it can just be a quiet distraction-free place to work. However you want to use our space, our vision is to rise on the tide of resurgence that collaboration and sharing accelerates. Join us, and make history.


100 West Market Street
Marietta, PA 17547

(717) 283-4737