Startup Basics

Whether you are gearing up to launch a new business or are already in the early stages, you can benefit from one-on-one assistance, classes, and workshops that are provided by a range of organizations in and around Lancaster County. Startup Basics are the essential pieces needed to get started in business. There are many ways to start a business, so be sure to find the path that best fits you.


Refine your idea

Businesses can start in a lot of different ways. Refining the initial idea will help you better understand what your business will do as well as better communicate with potential customers, funders, and employees. At SCORE Lancaster-Lebanon, you can work with a seasoned business professional as you develop a business plan. ASSETS offers classes and learning circles to help you learn the logistics of what you need to do to start. Ben Franklin Technology Partners work with technology-based businesses from idea to launch.

1-on-1 help

Sometimes you just need to talk to an expert. Duke Street Business Center has a wide range of resources, data, and guides for starting a business as well as a knowledgeable staff that can point you in the right direction. At SCORE Lancaster-Lebanon and Kutztown SBDC, you can schedule a one-on-one chat with a mentors and consultants to assist you as your business launches and grows.

Research competitors

Find out who else is doing what you do and how. Duke Street Business Center has access to national databases and help pinpoint the data you need. The Lancaster City Alliance track and network local businesses. SCORE Lancaster-Lebanon can provide you with the knowhow for competing in the local marketplace.

Take a business class

ASSETS Learning Circles and SCORE Lancaster-Lebanon’s Simple Steps for Starting Your Business provide the basics needed to start a business through a series of classes. The Women’s Business Center at ASSETS, the Lancaster Chamber, and Kutztown SBDC all frequently host workshops on a range of business topics. Check the calendar to find out what classes are currently available.

Connect with other businesses

ASSETS, the Candy Factory, and the Lancaster Chamber all provide networking opportunities through their events and mixers. Duke Street Business Center can direct you to national industry associations, while the Lancaster Chamber and SCORE Lancaster-Lebanon can connect you with local businesses and industry groups.


Product Development

Get your product or service ready to sell through product development.


Join an incubator.

Incubators help businesses move from idea to launch. A variety of incubators exist in central Pennsylvania. Review this comprehensive list of incubators and accelerators to find one that is the right fit for you.

Contact a trade association.

Network with similar businesses by connecting with a trade association. The Lancaster Chamber can direct you to a range of local trade organizations. Duke Street Business Center has a directory of national trade associations. The Lancaster City Alliance helps Lancaster city merchants connect. SCORE Lancaster-Lebanon hosts Round Tables that connect businesses by location and by industry. Technology Council of Central PA host roundtables and conferences for those in the tech field.


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