ASSETS is a non-profit focused on transforming communities through business. We offer in-depth training and financing for entrepreneurs, and work with established businesses to improve their social and environmental impact. 

Plan Your Business

Entrepreneur Training: We create equitable business ownership by opening up our expertise to all entrepreneurs who are starting up or expanding their businesses. We provide them with resources and tools to elevate their brand and build a sustainable business model while also creating a collaborative environment in which to network with like-minded individuals.

Grow Your Business

Community Lending: Businesses cannot grow—in revenue, size, or impact—without access to capital. We provide innovative business loan products and services like financial counseling and financial literacy workshops. We offer businesses a way to fuel their growth while rewarding them for fueling the growth of their community!

Improve Your Business

Impact Consulting: We equip business owners to build a better company and a stronger community by doing business in a new way, one that benefits a triple bottom line—people, planet, and profit. Companies can both serve the greater good and reap business benefits by providing high-quality jobs, strengthening the local community, and preserving the environment. Our team inspires and equips companies to develop this new kind of leadership by measuring, increasing, and communicating their positive impact.